The trial set is a set of five scents.


-The trial set is a set of five scents.
-Recommended for your first purchase.
-Made from 99% natural materials
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An amazing sensory experience.

At ROSY LILY, where we suggest enjoying the act of shoe cleaning through fragrances, we have prepared a variety of scented products, aiming not only to provide effective cleaning but also to make the process itself enjoyable.

Are you having trouble deciding which fragrance to choose? Selecting just one scent can be unexpectedly challenging. If you find yourself in a dilemma, we recommend choosing our Essential Kit.

Rather than having to choose one, we want you to savor them all. It's a package for those who are a bit greedy for delightful scents.

Making a Big Change with Small Details.

'Ease and enjoyment, make shoe cleaning a habit.'That's our slogan.

We've made it possible to choose fragrances for the sake of enjoyment. Is paying attention to scents in the act of shoe cleaning a small matter?

No. We consider it 'essential.'

When our brand first started, there was only one fragrance, OTOMEYURI, but now we offer a wide variety of scents.


We proudly present “The Essential Kit”, newly launched in November 2023, an assorted sampler set coming with lovely 50ml mini bottles. We are sure you can discover your fragrance among our 5 premium selections.

If you happen to enjoy all the fragrances, that would make us very happy. Being able to choose a fragrance that matches your mood for the day might make shoe cleaning even more enjoyable.

Please note that SAKURA is a limited quantity fragrance available only in March,
and KINMOKUSEI is a limited quantity fragrance available only in September.

why ESSENTIAL KIT is so beloved

4 Reasons



Experience a Variety of Scents

The Essential Kit includes multiple different fragrances. With one kit, you can try various scents and surely find the one that suits you best.




Compared to purchasing individual full-sized products, the Essential Kit offers excellent cost-effectiveness because you can try many different scents in smaller sizes.



Attention to Ease of Use

Because you can purchase a variety of scents in a small size, it's easy to carry and store. You can use them not only at home but also in other places like the office, during travel, or even while golfing, making it convenient for various occasions.



Perfect for Gifting

The Essential Kit, which offers a variety of scents at once, is also a popular choice as a gift. The recipient can find a fragrance that suits their preferences, making it a delightful and thoughtful gift choice.

Let's wash with a pleasant fragrance.

ROSY LILY Premium Shoe Shampoo

A set of five 50ml mini bottles.