You’ll be amazed for sure.

“Try ROSY LILY …” It is not merely trying out a new detergent.

ROSY LILY is, in fact, delighting the annoying housework routine with a little joy so the wish to wash your shoes and the process to wait for them turn dirty can all become an “entertainment”!
ROSY LILY creates smiling faces through an unprecedented housework experience.

Let’s make yourself, your friends, and your family smile.



“Have had never expected washing shoes can be so much fun!”
We pride ourselves to have witness joy and surprise from our users.

Here are reviews from our users, filled with joy and surprise.


  • - It feels so satisfying when I wipe off the stains!
  • - I am impressed, "Oh, it's just so clean!" It's really impressive.
  • - I love the scent that makes the cleaning process enjoyable.
  • - I'm very happy that I don't have to rinse with water, it's simply easy!
  • - It's a great way to clean your shoes easy breezy! :D


  • - I use it to clean my shoes and my children's shoes.
  • - The product design is so cute; the bottle looks nice simply as a it is!
  • - I love using it to clean my son's baseball spikes.
  • - Without thinking, I used it to clean all my children's shoes .
  • - My kids come home with dirty shoes, but with ROSYLILY, the dirt comes off easily and quickly!  


  • - The shoes dry so quickly that I can put them on the same day, which is great!
  • ・I also appreciate that you can do it right away if you feel like it before going out 👍
  • - I found some stains on my shoes the day before I go out so I wanted to clean them, but I knew they could take ages to dry...


  • - I'm planning to purchase another set for my father on Father's Day! :)
  • - The package is cute, the scent is nice, and it makes a great gift❗
  • - It's a great gift for friends! It's heart-warming and classy!
  • - I was half in doubt at first, but it works! So, I have chosen to give it as a present to a friend of mine.
  • - I've been using this for a while, and I'm very happy with it.


The satisfaction ROSY LILY brings you makes you feel like sharing with everyone. A huge number of users have shared their photos on our official website and Instagram. The amazing performance of our products is going vital.

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