Shoe laundry detergent THE WHITE (unscented) 600ML × 1


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ROSY LILY Shoe Laundry Detergent is a shoe laundry detergent specially formulated with cleaning ingredients and fluorescent whitening agents to make white fabrics whiter. It is very suitable for washing white shoes and indoor shoes.

Fluorescent whitening agents (fluorescent agents) absorb invisible ultraviolet rays and change them into visible bluish-white light (fluorescence), so they have the effect of increasing the appearance of whiteness.

Do not use for the following shoes.

・Natural-colored products, off-white, pastel-colored shoes.

・Shoes in colors such as black or dark blue.


The microfiber laundry net for shoes can be washed with regular washing machine detergent, but when washing white shoes or indoor shoes, please consider ROSY LILY washing machine detergent.

Buying a set is a great bargain.